New Lease of Life for Heritage Building

Powerglide Elevators are proud to have played a part in bringing an iconic Dunedin heritage building back to life.

Location: Inner-city, Dunedin 
Powerglide Elevator Specs: 3 Stops, 8550mm travel, 1400mm x 1400mm floor
Design and Manufacture Time: Approx 4 weeks 
Install time: Approx 1 week
Architect: ArchiDesign - 
Building Contractor: Amalgamated Builders Ltd -  

The dilapidated Terminus Hotel, built in the 1880s, has been redeveloped into apartments and commercial and retail space by heritage building owner and developer Stephen MacKnight.

The building, now called Terminus Apartments, features a specially designed Powerglide Elevator for ease of access to the three floors of the 9m high building.

"The eight apartments in the building are a high-end offering, and as such, we wanted a lift that would complement the modern, industrial look of the building," says Stephen.

"We looked at a variety of lift options, but Powerglide offered a much faster speed between floors and at a cost-effective price. We're really happy with the result."