Lift a Real Feature of New Home 

Home builders Karen and Pete Mansell, recently arrived in Mount Maunganui from Auckland, wanted to incorporate good friend and artist Megan Collier's work into their new home. They'd met Powerglide owners Allan and Fiona Fullerton at the Auckland Home Show about three years ago and were impressed with the Powerglide product. 

Features: Unique artwork on three panels, covered in liquid glass - 
Architect: D J Design Ltd -

Over drinks one evening with Allan and Fiona they came up with an idea of designing a lift car that could incorporate Megan's art to make the lift a real feature of their new two-storey home. Powerglide Elevators modified the wall structure of the lift car so that the paintings sit flush with the walls. The finished product is stunning. 

"Once you're inside the lift you are fully surrounded by the art. Together, we've turned a functional product into a beautiful, unique feature of our home. I love it and I've never said that about a lift before!" says Karen. The art, which is on three panels of the lift car, is covered in liquid glass and Karen says when the lighting in the lift is on it makes the colours 'pop'. 

"We chose the colours we liked blues and greens because we are by the sea and Megan created an original artwork for the lift." Their reasons for installing a lift in their new home, which was built on a site the couple had owned for some years, were twofold. 

"Initially, we weren't sure how long we'd want to live in the Mount, so from a sales point of view we thought incorporating a lift would appeal to a wider market; and now that we're actually living in the house we have no intention of moving it's going to be our lifetime home, and the lift has future-proofed it for us."