With lift equipment and engineering fully visible from both inside and outside the glass lift shaft, Powerglide Elevators worked closely with the architect to custom build numerous components specifically for this project. 

The centre of this breath-taking build in Queenstown proudly features a NZ Made Powerglide Elevator which runs inside a glass walled, steel framed lift shaft. Cascada - Italian for cascading water, offers spectacular views over Lake Wakatipu, the alpine ranges around Central Otago and the private landscaped area on this hillside property. 

The lift travels over 4 floors, arriving at the roof top garden level and starting in the lower level foyer ponds of the home. A natural creek that ran alongside the property has a landscaped water branch with waterfalls that circumnavigate the lift shaft similar to creating a moat inside the house. 

Powerglide worked closely with Gary, of Gary Todd Architecture to custom build numerous components specifically for this project. The lift equipment, which is fully visible from both inside and outside the glass lift shaft, shows high quality engineering and finishes that suit the interior decor of the home. “Where possible, the cables were hidden. Powerglide were really understanding and accommodating on the aesthetic we wanted to achieve” says Gary. 

Speed was one of the key reasons for choosing Powerglide Elevators. A Powerglide Elevator will quickly and smoothly transport you much faster than any platform lift comparatively priced in New Zealand. “Despite the amazing views, no one wants to be in a lift for longer than they have to” says Gary. We are impressed with the quality of the build and follow up service of Powerglide Elevators and would be happy to use them again. The homeowners are also extremely happy with the overall end result.”

Location: Queenstown, NZ
Powerglide Elevator Specs: Bespoke car, 1300mm x 1300mm floor
Design and Manufacture Time: 14 days
Install time: 6 days
Architect: Gary Todd Architecture
Building Contractor: BJ Hill Builder Ltd (Brian Hill)
Photographer: Wanaka Photography (Simon Darby)