When Christchurch architects Sheppard and Rout were looking for an elevator that would provide fast reliable service without needing regular maintenance or have expensive service contracts they turned to Powerglide Elevators.

Fact File: Elmwood Dental 
Location: Strowan, Christchurch
Powerglide Elevator Specs: Size 1400 x 1400, Speed 8sec/floor
Design and Manufacture Time: Approximately 2 weeks
Install time: 4 days
Architect: Sheppard and Rout Architects
Building Contractor: Cook Brothers Construction

Elmwood Dental is a 2 storey commercial development in Christchurch with offices and surgery rooms upstairs. The lift has meant that the business can retain their existing aging client base while also providing ease of access for young families and disabled patients.  

The architects needed a lift which enabled the building to meet the minimum requirements for D1 building code for access and had previously worked on residential properties which had installed Powerglide Elevators. 

Because there isn’t much additional structure required to support Powerglide elevators, just timber framing, they could choose the maximum lift size for this already tight space. This not only kept the costs down but also meant it was easy to move around on the initial plans. 

“The technical information is readily available and the guys are great to work with, Allan is always keen to provide information. Powerglide also offer the flexibility after it has been specified. Great to know there is the ability to customise on the job if somethings not quite working. I don’t know of any competitors offering the same service” – Max Warren. Sheppard and Rout. 

Placement was also key for staff at reception who occasionally had to assist some clients from the bottom of the stairs in their previous building. The elevator is right by the entrance to the building and once at the top is visible and only steps away from the reception desk. 

Elmwood Dental have found Powerglide to be great with follow up after sales care. “Every year we need to renew compliance from council from an independent source. Once contacted, Powerglide is quick to organise it and it’s done promptly.” – Roz Pringle, Elmwood Dental. 

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