Bespoke steampunk Powerglide elevator for Pic's Peanut Butter World

OK so… you need a heavily customised steampunk themed elevator with walls made of steel mesh, interesting lighting, and it needs to fit inside a spiral stairwell. You’d also like to hide the majority of the mechanics traditionally hidden by solid walls…  

Architect, Jerram Tocker Barron Ltd had some very specific ideas for their lift for Pics Peanut Butter World, and it was a project that Allan and the team at Powerglide Elevators were excited to take a look at. 

“Powerglide’s solution has given us an extremely simple and affordable machine that is easy to use and has proved extremely reliable.

“I am looking forward to installing a Powerglide elevator in my new home and am happy to recommend this product to anyone considering a residential or light commercial elevator.” - Pic Picot, Pic's Peanut Butter. 

Location: Nelson, New Zealand
Powerglide Elevator specs:  1400x1400mm, commercial disabled access compliant
Manufacture time: 3 weeks 
Install time: 4 days approx. 
Architect: Jerram Tocker Barron Ltd
Building Contractor: Coman Construction Ltd
Photographer: Jason Mann