David McDermott
Elevator Systems Engineer

As our Elevator Systems Engineer, David is responsible for product design and engineering, technical support, and systems control and management. 

David brings solid engineering experience to the Powerglide team, having worked in a variety of ‘hands on’ technical roles and management roles around the world including Germany, Canada and the Middle East. He has an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. 

David enjoys the fact that the Powerglide Elevators’ team is always looking at ways to improve in all aspects of the business, and incorporate leading edge technology in their offering. Understanding the clients’ vision – the owner, builder and architects – and ensuring Powerglide delivers on that is what he believes sets Powerglide apart from other companies. 

Outside of work, David likes to travel in search of interesting and unique craft ales. He also enjoys mountain biking and tramping, with a bit of sub aqua diving during the summer months. An ardent Chelsea FC football supporter, he will defend each of his native English sports teams to anyone who will listen.