At around 9 seconds floor-to-floor, Powerglide Elevators are twice as fast as other comparably priced elevators. We use hydraulic oil so you’ll enjoy a ride that’s smoother, more stable and quiet.

Our Precise Elevator Control® HPU and PLC systems work intuitively together to ensure the ride in a Powerglide Elevator Home Lift is the smoothest possible. A Powerglide Elevator will quickly and smoothly accelerate up to twice as quick as any platform lift, and faster than all comparatively priced house lifts in New Zealand. Once up to speed, the lift will travel quietly to the called floor, and then slow down to a gentle stop. Because Powerglide uses a low-friction rail system to guide the car, the ride is very stable with sideways movement almost completely eliminated.


A lift is essentially an appliance in your home or commercial building that makes life easier. You don't have to get your TV or dishwasher serviced regularly, so why should you have to get your elevator serviced regularly? We've used industrial components that are designed to operate 24/7 in harsh conditions. Our lift assembly is designed to last, without having to be constantly maintained.

Avoid the cost and hassle of regular maintenance - Powerglide Home Elevators are guaranteed maintenance and service free for at least 5 years. That’s a significant cost saving year-to-year and in an apartment environment, avoids increased body corporate fees. 


An elevator needs to be 100% safe, whether you are a passenger, service technician or any other user of the building. Our proprietary Glide Dynamix software control system gives you the reassurance of knowing that your safety comes first.

We have incorporated numerous safety systems in our assemblies. Our system controls all door locks, lights, and will even let the occupants safely and easily exit the lift in the case of a power cut.


The entire lifting mechanism of a Powerglide Elevator fits between the rails, so there is no machinery in the ceiling. This means you don't need to strengthen the ceiling rafters, or modify your roof line.


Powerglide Elevators run on their own, self-supporting rails, eliminating the need for a specially engineered, hard-wearing lift shaft.  Our minimal pit requirements make Powerglide Elevators the perfect choice for renovations when working on very hard ground or near the water table.


By choosing a NZ Made Powerglide Elevator you will not only be supporting New Zealand manufacturing, but you will also reap the considerable benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer.

The person who manufactures your elevator will also install it, so there is no middle man. They will have intimate knowledge of your project and will deal directly with your builder and architect to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Watch episode 35 of the Making it NZ series - put together by the team at Buy NZ Made Campaign.


Powerglide are proud to display the NZ Made logo. Our Tauranga based design and build service provides flexibility of design and shorter lead times.

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Have you got a particular paint or tile you’re wanting to match? For one client, we even modified the wall structure of the lift car so that they could incorporate paintings.

A Powerglide Elevator can be supplied with a standard interior, allowing the end user to incorporate their own design styles and tastes into the car. We can also supply a range of laminated wall panels with a number of colours and patterns, and we can supply design advice based on our extensive experience of seeing how past clients have individualised their elevator car designs.

Best value solution for disabled access

Meeting the NZ building code standard NZS 4334:2012 means that a Powerglide Elevator is fully compliant to be used in a commercial building where disability access is required.

Using a house lift as the base design and with our numerous safety features, a Powerglide Elevator is the perfect cost effective solution for your commercial premises.