Allan Fullerton

Allan Fullerton
Co-Founder/Sales Manager

Allan’s background is in mechanical engineering and he’s a qualified fitter, turner and machinist and served his apprenticeship manufacturing stainless steel valve components for the dairy and petrochemical industries, but spent most of his working life in the hydraulic fluid power industry.

It was a keen interest in manufacturing that led Allan (and his father Ian) to want to develop and manufacture the Powerglide Elevators product in their own factory in New Zealand. Allan now leads the Powerglide sales team and is still responsible for product design.

Out of work, Allan’s interests include mountain biking, sailing and MotoGP. He’s also a very average ukulele player!

Ian Fullerton
Co-Founder/After Sales Engineer

Ian is a qualified fitter, turner and machinist, with over 40 years in the fluid power industry. Ian designed the very first Powerglide Elevator to install into his own home so he could reach the basement level wine cellar! 

Ian was instrumental in the design of the hydraulic system they use in the Powerglide Elevator system and as a result of this focus, now have probably the most sophisticated elevator hydraulic system on the market. Ian is now responsible for After Sales for Powerglide, taking care of safety checks, servicing and compliance inspections.

Ian’s hobbies include gardening, mountain biking and playing the guitar.


Daryl French

A professional director, Daryl is a Chartered member of the Institute of Directors, and his governance focus is on companies in growth or change management mode. His career began with sales, marketing and senior management roles in the ICT industry. He left a senior management role in IBM Asia Pacific to concentrate on New Zealand industry, however his success with these companies has once again seen him conducting business globally. Coupled with a strong background in ICT Daryl also brings vast knowledge and experience across the SME sector, having run a number of businesses and developed new markets in competitive areas. 

As Chairman of Powerglide Elevators, Daryl brings energy, enthusiasm and innovation to the boardroom table, combined with an astute focus on finances, structure and efficiencies. He has been part of the Powerglide team since 2010. 

Away from the boardroom, Daryl enjoys the hunt and chase of trout fishing, is a keen follower of most sports and is an active member of the Tauranga business community.

Mark Findlay

Mark Findlay
General Manager

Mark joined Powerglide Elevators in January 2016 and is responsible for delivering on our strategic direction, making sure all aspects of our day to day operations run smoothly, and that we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations in everything we do. 

Mark has a sales management background and has worked for a leading New Zealand distributor and in high performance team environments. In a former life he was an Americas Cup yacht rigger so he appreciates quality engineering. 

Our product performance and design are what set us apart, so Mark’s always looking at innovative ideas and new methodologies to improve our product, operations and business processes. He’s loving being part of a growth industry, and partnering with some incredible architecture and building professionals on some truly amazing builds. 

Having recently completed his post graduate Diploma in Business Management, Mark now has more time to go sailing and hang out at the beach with his wife and their dog.


Pete O’Brien
Installation Engineer

Pete is responsible for ensuring the installation of our Powerglide Elevators is stress-free for all involved. He works closely with our design and sales experts to ensure what gets manufactured in our workshop and what’s actually installed on site match to meet (and exceed) customers’ expectations. 

Pete communicates with builders and project managers to ensure everyone is on the same page so when that when it’s time to install the lift, it’s all to schedule. 

Pete has been with the Powerglide Elevators’ team for three years and has considerable experience in the lift industry. His knowledge of other lift systems has proved invaluable to Powerglide and has enabled us to refine our installation system and ultimately improve the end result for our customers. 

Outside of work Pete is a keen outdoors man. His passion for hunting means he can be difficult to get hold of during the roar season!

David McDermott

David McDermott
Elevator Systems Engineer

As our Elevator Systems Engineer, David is responsible for product design and engineering, technical support, and systems control and management. 

David brings solid engineering experience to the Powerglide team, having worked in a variety of ‘hands on’ technical roles and management roles around the world including Germany, Canada and the Middle East. He has an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. 

David enjoys the fact that the Powerglide Elevators’ team is always looking at ways to improve in all aspects of the business, and incorporate leading edge technology in their offering. Understanding the clients’ vision – the owner, builder and architects – and ensuring Powerglide delivers on that is what he believes sets Powerglide apart from other companies. 

Outside of work, David likes to travel in search of interesting and unique craft ales. He also enjoys mountain biking and tramping, with a bit of sub aqua diving during the summer months. An ardent Chelsea FC football supporter, he will defend each of his native English sports teams to anyone who will listen.


Ben Fullerton

Ben has been part of the Powerglide security detail since the day he was born.

Although his comprehension of the English language is poor and his engineering and computer skills are minimal he’s proven to be a reliable and dedicated member of our team. Ben’s goal is to earn a position on the management team but in the short term is content to spend most of his time at work asleep.

Ben is the initial contact for visitors to our Mount Maunganui factory and his interests include long walks on the beach, chasing mountain bikers, digging holes in the lawn and the wrong end of other dogs.

Lisa Allan

Lisa Allen

Lisa brings more than 10 years’ experience in the hydraulics industry, having been responsible for administration at Power Hydraulics and ENZED.

She is responsible for Powerglide’s credit and debit control, stock control, pay roll functions and office administration

Lisa says it’s the people and the positive vibe in the office and workshop that makes Powerglide Elevators a great place to work.

Mark Mayes
Fitter Welder

A talented and qualified fitter welder, Mark is responsible for fabricating all of the lift components, including the rails and carriage.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to the Powerglide team, with nearly 40 years’ experience in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, he was a boilermaker, fabricator and pipe fitter for 28 years in the UK. He has his Welders Certificate including ASME 9 from New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Attention to detail is vital in Mark’s role, and it is the value the Powerglide team place on this, combined with the systems and technology that Powerglide uses, that Mark enjoys most. And working with a great team.

Outside of work, Mark loves fishing and socialising with friends.

Julian So

Julian So
Chief Financial Officer

Julian is a Chartered Accountant with more than 15 years’ of CFO and senior executive experience, including software licensing and delivery (Software as a Service), aviation, education, manufacturing and engineering services.

His broad commercial experience covers various business discipline from general management, finance, IT management, pricing strategy, schedule management, contract negotiation, supplier and customer relationship management.

Julian has a very good understanding of the challenges that high growth companies face, and Powerglide’s high growth potential, backed by a great team, were the drawcard for Julian joining the Powerglide team.

An active Angel Investor, Julian has a diverse startup investment portfolio in the technology, software, mobile and engineering sectors.


Mark Veitch
Sales Manager

Ph: 021 292 0901