The following are links to downloadable information for clients and further technical information.


To download the latest brochure form Powerglide Elevators download here

Lift shaft - Builders guide 

This guide outlines the construction, wiring and finishing details for the lift pit, shaft and entrances, as well as the requirements for the small machine room that houses the Powerglide HPU and PLC.

A lot of the requirements outlined in this booklet are to ensure the installation meets the relevant New Zealand Building Code Standard for this installation download here

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the main building contractor has read this guide completely before any building work commences on the lift shaft or machine room.

Lift Shaft - Sizing Guide

Powerglide Elevators has a large range of size options available for your lift car, starting at 900x900mm to 1400x1400mm in increments of 100mm. The lift car can be square or rectangle, and can have doors coming out of a maximum of 3 sides. This brochure shows all possible combinations download here

Basic Specification Sheet

A handy pdf containing further information on system type, speed, power requirement, max load capacity etc download here


Powerglide Elevators offer a 5 Year Maintenance-Free Guarantee on all of their elevators. The few Terms and Conditions of this guarantee can be downloaded here

Cant find what you need?

For additional or more specific detail about any aspect of the elevator assembly, or to request or enquire about dimensions or specifications different to those listed, please call or email us anytime.

Technical detail photos.