With Powerglide, it’s now possible to add a wheel chair access lift to your multi-story home in a way that’s both affordable and stylish. Thankfully, this means the days of nasty add-on lifts, or outrageously priced, over-sized monstrosities are well and truly gone. In fact, if you’re building or renovating a multi-story home, it makes sense to future-proof by including a lift in your design even if you don’t currently have a need for wheelchair access.  

Installing a lift gives you the option of staying in your home rather than moving out when you get older. It makes your home accessible to elderly parents or friends with a disability. Plus, when it comes time to sell, having wheelchair access will ensure you get the best possible return-on-investment as your home will be suitable for a wider range of buyers.

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A Powerglide lift suitable for providing wheelchair access can be installed in a space the size of a large cupboard. Our self-supporting rail system avoids the need for a heavily reinforced liftshaft, plus we have minimal requirements for both ceiling space and pit. In other words, with a little planning, most homes can easily accommodate a Powerglide lift. Our team will work with you or your architect to come up with the perfect solution for your home. We offer a fully customised lift service as well as a range of Ready-to-Install options, so there’s sure to be something to suit your needs.


Powerglide lifts have industry leading safety features, providing added reassurance, particularly for people with limited mobility. Our Glide Dynamix control system means that passengers can easily exit the lift, even in a power cut. Plus our electronic safety curtains mean that the lift will automatically stop if a passenger falls against a wall. 


Powerglide lifts have the option of remote control operation, making them ideal for people with limited upper body mobility.  All aspects of operation can be controlled using a hand-held remote control. Alternatively, someone else in the house is able to send the lift to the appropriate floor, and manage the passenger’s safe journey.

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Our team has worked with dozens of families to provide personalised wheelchair access lift solutions in new and existing homes. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.