Great Glass Elevator 

Powerglide first met Steve and Pauline, the owners of a fantastically positioned site directly above Half Moon Bay Marina at the 2013 Auckland Home Show.

After seeing and taking a ride in a Powerglide Elevator they were convinced it was the best solution for their ambitious 4 level home. The elevator shaft is constructed in glass with a block wall on one side. The top level brings the lift passengers out onto the rooftop balcony with stunning views over the Hauraki Gulf. 

With the shaft being glass all parts of the lift machinery would be visible so Powerglide customised the paintwork on all lift components to match the colour of the joinery used throughout the house. We then co-ordinated with Auckland company Illuminati Glass to create an LED backlight glass wall with a poem etched into the wall.

Jarred and Scott of Biggs Construction, who built this stunning home, delivered an amazing glass lift shaft with stainless steel fixtures running up between rock walls and stairs. The effect of this elevator is simply stunning and we congratulate Steve and Pauline on their vision and the effort they put in to this grand home!

Great Glass Elevator (10).jpg
Great Glass Elevator (3).jpg
Great Glass Elevator (7).jpg