Magic in Marlborough Sounds 

Here's another stunning location that Powerglide Elevators have been lucky enough to install an elevator into. This home is on the hills above Waikawa Bay (near Picton) and has a stunning view up the Marlborough Sounds. 

It's a 3 level home and it's owners wanted a lift that was big enough to fit a large wheelchair and it had to be fast! They also wanted to enable their guests to take in the amazing views whilst travelling in the lift, so there really was only one option! 

The construction of the lift well was carried out by Smith and Sons Blenheim. There is extensive use of glass in the construction of lift well and in spite of it being a steep and difficult site the finished result is outstanding. 

The owners absolutely love the lift and use it a lot and the addition of the lift well to the house is so seamless it looks as though it was always there. 

This is a great example of how achievable it is to install a Powerglide Elevator into an existing home.